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“This project never could have been so successful without the extraordinary cooperation and relationship with Pluto7 and Google. From day one, it felt like we were one team, and that camaraderie grew, from the initial model in the Makeathon, to the 60 percent improvements we saw per run in barrelage.”

Adam Spunberg

Global Director, Tech Explore, AbinBev

“We would need an army of data scientists to make faster decisions on pricing and inventory levels. With Google Cloud Platform machine learning and artificial intelligence, we don’t need that. We can make much faster pricing decisions to optimize profitability and move inventory.”

Deepak Mehrotra

Co-Founder and Chief Adventurer, California Design Den

About Us

What we do?

Pluto7 is a services and solutions company focused on building machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics solutions to accelerate business transformation.

We are a Premier Google Cloud Partner, servicing Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Hi-Tech industries. 

AI Solutions

Marketing ML

Gain deeper customer insights and unlock new ways to create value.

Sales ML

Discover the power of rich customer intelligence delivered at scale.

Supply ML

Accelerate digitization of Supply Chain leading to Manufacturing 4.0.


Pluto7 Services

Pluto7 team combines customer focus, domain expertise & Google Cloud technical competency to successfully guide you through the entire ML/AI business transformation process.

AI Focused Workshops

How to embed AI into your tech, people, processes, systems.

POC & Applications

Co-develop AI solutions to unlock new ecosystems and business transformation

Solutions Deployment

Build, migrate and deploy Smart Analytics Application on GCP.

Workforce Enablement

New to Google Cloud (GCP) or Machine Learning (ML)? We help you get started.

Discover how we can help you

Industry Expertise


Accelerate your business transformation to Manufacturing Automation and Smart Factory 4.0.


Scale to new heights in healthcare with our Artificial Intelligence solutions and tailored Machine Learning models.


Get Supply Demand balance by reducing inventory and operations costs while maintaining delivery times.


Transform your business and product(s) by adopting AI in all parts of the functional lifecycle

Case studies

AB InBev Digitization

AB InBev is reducing manufacturing costs and improving the quality of its beer by using Supply ML built on GCP.

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Transform your business by leveraging the power of Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and IoT solutions.