Pluto7 services powered by Google Cloud are designed to successfully guide you through the entire AI and ML business transformation process.

AI Journey End to End

Tailored ML Workshops to create, learn and innovate.

Develop AI Applications

Co-develop AI solutions to unlock new ecosystems and business transformation.

Cloud Transformation

Build, migrate and deploy Smart Analytics Application on GCP.

Workforce Enablement

New to Google Cloud (GCP) or Machine Learning (ML)? We help you onboard.


AI Journey End to End

Create, Learn and Innovate with Pluto7 and Google Cloud.

Pluto7 team combines customer focus, domain expertise & Google Cloud technical competency to successfully guide you through the entire AI Journey. Starting with an innovation day, followed by multiple ML workshops to help you define your digitization strategy.

Start your Cloud Transformation

Innovation Day

Identify & prioritize use cases to prototype


Collaborative sessions to solve one problem at a time


Develop AI Applications

Our team helps you develop solutions that either improve existing ecosystems or create new ones to increase business value.

Co-build tailored AI applications

Initial Phase

Prototype ML model into existingor new AI applications.

Production Rollout

Production rollout of Machine Learningmodels with AI application

Deployment Phase

ML Model and Applications Support


Cloud Transformation

Pluto7 helps you build, migrate, and deploy Smart Analytics Application on Google Cloud (GCP).

Identify use cases and create an AI prototype

Marketing Analytics

Enable Google Cloud 4 Marketing to influence marketing outcomes and customer behavior.

Data Warehouse

Create a repository of historical data on Google Cloud (GCP) to integrate with your hybrid environments.

Join the Cloud Revolution

Migrating existing applications to Google Cloud (GCP) to better manage and store business data.


Work Enablement

If you are new to Google Cloud (GCP) or Machine Learning, our team has extensive Google Cloud and technical expertise to help you onboard.

Become an ML Expert

ML for Beginners

1-day workshop to learn the basics of Google Cloud (GCP) and getintroduced to ML/AI.

Intermediate ML Workshop

2-days workshop to identify andprioritize use cases.

Advanced ML Training

Immersive workshops to develop and implement ML solutions usingdesign thinking.

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