Largest insurance company improved data infrastructure and operations by moving their data to GCP

Using BigQuery and Data Studio to improve operational efficiency and handle governance issues.


The client is the largest insurance company of India, who etched their name on the leader boards in a decade. Their insurance portfolio covers  vehicles, travel and health insurance. Client’s services spanning across the geography made their leadership realize the imminent need for a better data management infrastructure to handle the governance issues and speed up their data-driven operations. 

Why Pluto7

Data security is the primary concern of any organisation working in financial services. As an industry leader, the client was looking for an authoritative partnership to transform their data infrastructure. Pluto7, being a Google Cloud Partner with a strong history of delivering exceptional results to other industry leaders, the client wanted to move forward with us. Our solution made the leadership realize the operational efficiency that would be achieved. Our subject matter expertise combined with an end-to-end support throughout their data journey helped them entrust us. 



Insurance is a data extensive industry and the client being the largest insurance company in India translates into a large team spread across the geography executing many operational activities everyday, leading to myriads of data flowing in servers. Pluto7 helped the client to transform their data management system and generate the required insights.

Data was transferred from MySQL (On-Premise) to GCS (Google Cloud Storage) with orchestration handled by Google Cloud Composer. Using BigQuery in conjunction with Google Storage, Data Studio was populated as per the client’s requirements. Two pipelines were built, one for “PnL dashboard” and another for “Premium dashboard”. Both dashboards gave insights for multiple categories of insurance portfolio: cars, two-wheelers, travel, and health. 



Stakeholders no longer had to wait to 10-15 days for data consolidation and delayed KPI reports followed by it. Having data migrated to Google Cloud Platform squeezed the time required to view generate the reports to less than a minute. Moreover, these insights were available on cellular devices. 

Additional benefits were the elimination of multiple licenses with Google Data Studio and a more robust governance system where reports could be securely shared with authorized personals. 


Products Used

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud Composer 
  • BigQuery
  • Google Data Studio