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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions powered by Google Cloud for Health 3.0


How to transform Healthcare using AI and ML?

Discover how our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions can help save lives and serve patients better.

Customized AI solutions help you transform health processes and their outcomes. From patient management, disease diagnostics to clinical trials and payments, our Machine Learning solutions empower you to start the Health 3.0 transformation.

ML for Providers

ML solutions to improve your disease diagnostics and patient engagement.

ML for Payers ML™

ML solutions to reduce payment errors and improve payment processing.

ML for Pharma

ML solutions to improve patient adherence and genomics insights.

ML for Providers

Our Machine Learning solutions built on Google Cloud help optimize your disease diagnostics and patient engagement.

Improve your patient engagement

Patient Engagement

Continuous monitoring of the patient using sensors and alerts allows you catch medical disasters before they happen.

Diagnose disease with high accuracy

Disease Diagnostic

Our Machine Learning solutions help you diagnose diseases that often are difficult to detect.

Increase efficiency and reduce human error

Reducing Billing Errors

Save costs by simplifying the payment process and increasing your billing accuracy. Our Machine Learning solutions and Google Cloud AI technology help you get faster reimbursements and save time.

Boost Clinical Trials Efficiency

Optimizing Processing Times

Transform how you process clinical trials and identify if the payment has to be done either by the sponsor or through MediCare. Our healthcare ML solutions allow interoperability with FHIR.

ML for Payers

Reduce billing errors, optimize processing times, and improve outcomes.

ML for Pharma

From better treatment solutions to identifying new genomic patters, our solutions can improve your patients’ conditions.

Improve treatment solutions through patience adherence

Patient Adherence

Machine Learning models can help you refine your treatment schedules based on patient adherence data gathered.

Get better insights and identify new genomic patterns

Genomic Insights

Our solutions transform how genomics companies in oncology and autoimmune disorders can detect patterns on the whole genome level and identify the right prescriptive solutions for a given disorder.


Translational Science Insights using AI & ML. Transforming patient care through genomic monitoring of disease activity using Google Cloud Machine Learning.

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Automating the clinical trials processes with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions powered by Google Cloud (GCP).

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