ML for Manufacturing

Tailored solutions built on Google Cloud leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for the Manufacturing Industry.

Supply ML

Our Supply Chain solutions boost productivity, optimize operations and inventory management while reducing costs 

Sales ML™

Our ML solutions for sales teams help increase customer retention, reduce customer churn, and take customer relations to the next level. 

Marketing ML™

Our AI solutions for marketing optimize marketing outcomes, campaign efficiency, and product recommendations with AI and machine learning.


Customer Experience and Manufacturing 4.0

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions create unique opportunities to significantly transform your business processes while delivering a highly personalized customers experience. Our solutions help manufacturers optimize their supply chain and operations planning. Our demand forecast solution, Demand ML™, helps manufacturers predict volumes ahead of lead times, determinethe right product mix and identify the products with highest rotation.

Complementing this solution, our Supply ML™ optimizes inventory distribution, so product delivery will be in sync with customers’ expectations. For ensuring that the production capacity is optimized, and products are produced at lowest cost, we build Preventive Maintenance ML™ solutions.

Supply ML

Our AI solutions help you optimize operations and accelerate your journey to the Factory of the Future.

ML for Supply Distribution

Supply ML™

Reduce inventory costs up to 50% with Supply ML ™. Ai for Supply Distribution optimizes inventory distribution. The right product can be delivered at the right time, meeting customers’ expectations.

Watch how Smart Supply ML works now!

Plan your supply chain and operations with confidence

Demand ML™

Get + 90% accuracy in forecasting to drive your operations and supply chain plan. Our AI driven demand and supply forecast solutions, Demand ML ™, help manufacturers manage complex and unpredictable fluctuations in processing volumes.

Discover how to get +90% demand forecast accuracy!

Maximize Productivity while minimizing downtimes

Preventive Maintenance ML™

Improve production efficiency from 45% to 80% with Preventive Maintenance ™. It reduces downtime, decrease costs, boots productivity and maintain on-time deliveries.

Learn how to create more precise maintenance schedules!

Deeper and more realistic revenue projections

Revenue forecasting

Implement a blend of advanced tools and technologies using GCP cloud and Pluto7’s expertise to gain deeper, prediction-based, and more realistic insights into your business.

Increase your renewal rate and optimize sales churn

Churn reduction

Implement ML to efficiently and proactively manage high value risky renewals, as well as, identify low risk renewals.

Reduce time to generate sales quotes from weeks to minutes

Unlock real-time insights from product reviews

Sentiment analysis

Gain real time insights to product reviews, including positive/negative sentiment, product pricing, product quality and fulfillment.

Successfully identify and fulfill customer needs

Customer care automation

Combined process improvement with modern technology and rich analytics to fulfill unmet customer needs while accelerating your business transformation.

Data over intuition- AI allows teams to make better sales decisions

Product recommendation

Continuously learn from your customer’s interaction and combine internal/external data. Upsell with better recommendations while actively monitoring performance.

Sales ML™

Improve quoting and pipeline efficiency by + 80%. Simplify sales tasks and boost revenue with real-time predictable insights.

Marketing ML™

Our Ai (C4M) driven solutions help manufacturing companies understand and influence customer behavior.

Analyze marketing data in real-time to effectively define your customers

Customer segmentation

Leverage hidden customer behaviors to capture trends and better understand how, where, when, and what they buy.

Leverage the power of ML/AI to maximize your marketing ROI

Campaign targeting

Improve email CTR by 3X or more. Discover more precise target groups, sense buying patterns and simplify complex choices on how to effectively engage with customers.

Machine Learning helps you better understand your customer journey

Content optimization

Compare customer data and define most appropriate ways to connect with them at the right time and channel.

Extract valuable customer behavior and predict marketing outcomes

Lifetime Value (LTV) prediction

Build lists of customers based on predicted customer lifetime value that can be synced into multiple marketing platforms.

Whitepaper: Improving Predictive Maintenance and Production.

See how Pluto7 solutions help you build the next generation manufacturing data analytics & predictive maintenance platform . 

Success Story: Better Beer with ML

AB InBev is reducing manufacturing costs and improving the quality of its beer by using Google Cloud Platform and Machine Learning.

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