Demand ML

Let AI remove the guesswork in Forecasting and avoid supply chain surprises


Leverage AI to manage complex & unpredictable fluctuations in demand volumes

Our Demand ML™ solution was built to help enterprises forecast with high accuracy while increasing productivity and ROI.

Are you having a hard time figuring out what changed in your forecast? We got you covered! AI-Driven Demand Forecasting solution makes it easy by identifying those forecast items that have significant deviation and cause potential problems in your supply chain.

Win the hearts of customers and transform your business needs to span the entire value chain. It is time to reimagine what forecast analytics can do!




Benefits of DEMAND ML

Increase your demand forecast accuracy by more than 90%

Get + 90% accuracy in forecasting to drive your operations and supply chain planning. Demand ML ™ understands the pattern in your supply chain data to more accurately source the quantity of products to meet customer needs while delivering the best customer experience. 


Manage complex and unpredictable fluctuations

We know customers are now demanding faster order fulfillment and consumers are undergoing a multi-channel shopping journey. This poses a challenge for each channel to have a unique inventory and be able to predict demands before they occur.

Demand ML ™ leverages the power of machine learning and cloud computing to help you predict your demand and avoid last-minute fluctuations. 

Deliver the right product at the right time

Having a lower accuracy forecast is like driving in a fog, since it is difficult to see your demand beyond a short time window. Having a higher forecast accuracy is like driving in clear weather with high visibility. Ensuring you have the right products in front of the right audience starts with Demand ML ™. This AI-Driven solution modernizes your supply chain systems and evolves your dynamic assortment planning

DEMAND ML in Action

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