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Machine Learning In Marketing Using GCP

Machine Learning In Marketing Using GCPmachine learning for marketing

Customer: Hi-Tech Company

Location: Us-West1, San Jose, CA

Partner: Pluto7 Consulting Inc.

Customers pre-Google Solution Challenges:

This technology company had challenges managing contacts effectively, understanding their needs, and driving effective campaigns. The company has continuous information flow of customer reviews which is limiting manual reviews. The technology company has a large set of products leading to difficulties in effective upsell and cross sell campaigns. The company needed better demand sensing capabilities and this is done through monitoring customers sentiments for overall better campaigns.   


Pluto7 is implementing data science scripts for contact management and measurement of campaigns health. Pluto7 is also using Ai and ML models for sentiment analysis and demand sensing using GCP.

GCP Components Used:

App Engine,Cloud Functions,Google Cloud Storage,BigQuery,NLP API,Speech API,Vision API,Data Studio.  

Benefits Customer Has Seen so Far:

Ai and ML based sentiment analysis using Google BigQuery, Google Ai APIs, and App Engine, demonstrated the ability to scale up with sentiment analysis using Google Ai. Pluto7 launched the initial health dashboards. The company has reported that the contract matching improved from 2 percent to 30 percent on premise solution.

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