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Supply Chain Analytics

Client Overview: NMK Textile Mills
  • Engaged in import of home textile products
  • The goods are manufactured overseas
  • There are significant lead-time and delays
  • Bedding products sold on Macys Nordstorm and Walmart

February 2017

Vijay Bondale

Project Head


  • Demand Planning and Supply Planning manual
  • Revenue loss due to mismanaged inventory
  • Profitability loss due to lack of supply visibility
  • Could not estimate inventory they need
  • Users are non technical and familiar with Excel


  • Analysis & visual display of current inventory information, demand and supply
  • Tableau Solution for demand supply balancing with an aim for Just in Time driven inventory management
  • Use Tableau Desktop and Cloud SaaS solution to trigger alerts for reorders, excess inventory, dead inventory etc.
  • Demand forecast – leading to supply demand balancing
  • Factory to get MRP and what needs to be in production at what stage of production


  • Transformed the company to an Analytics Driven company E.g. Inventory visibility with Actions
  • Expansion from traditional to Online based Retailer E.g. Amazon
  • Increased Productivity with Tableau Desktop
  • Scaling enabled with Planning in a Box Tableau Online solution
  • Reduced carrying inventory by approx. 50%