Health 3.0

Scale to new heights in healthcare with our Artificial Intelligence solutions and tailored Machine Learning models.


Transforming Healthcare
with AI & ML

ML & AI imitate human cognition to ingest, integrate, process & analyze data to transform Healthcare.

Featured Solution

Clinical Trials: Leveraging ML & AI

Artificial Intelligence is changing the Clinical Trial process by cutting costs, improving processes, and bringing in operational efficiencies through accurate qualification & billing.

Other AI solutions for Healthcare

Unlock the power of your Healthcare Data with Decipher

Convert unstructured data from multiple sources to a single source of structured data by combining our tailored Machine Learning models with your NLP Decipher capabilities.


Success Story

Automating the Clinical Trials Process with ML & AI

Automating the MCA Payments Process through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Translational Science Insights using AI & ML

Transforming patient care through genomic monitoring of disease activity using Google Cloud Machine Learning.


Imaging for Healthcare

Use of Machine Learning and AI on medical images to enable more efficient workflows in digital health.