Helping the technology industry transform their business through AI adoption.


Why Innovate with Pluto7?

We create solutions that help you become a disruptive force in the Hi-Tech industry.

Featured Solution

Predicting Customer Subscription Churn

Using Machine Learning for predicting subscription churn analysis and identifying high-value customers through our customer analytics.

Unique and Customized AI Solutions

What makes Pluto7 unique?

We offer a unique business transformation experience. Our team has deep ML expertise to successfully define your AI journey and help you unlock new ways to boost revenue, optimize renewal rates, increase marketing ROI, and reduce your operational costs.


Success Story

Improve renewal process with our Machine Learning solutions.

Data Virtualization leader utilized Machine Learning to identify customer churn, improved renewal rate, and accurate sales forecasting.

Success Story

Using Google BigQuery to improve sales

Worldwide leader in IT and networking used Google Cloud Platform & Data Analytics to analyze large install data bases for renewals.


Increase revenue with Google Cloud Machine Learning

Sales ML can help reduce the most time-consuming, manual tasks that keep sales teams away from spending more time with customers. Now accurately forecast your revenue with our revenue prediction models.