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We are a ML & AI company and Google’s top 5 Breakthrough Partner of the Year. We provide consulting services where we build ML models for specific use cases on GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

We build MVM (Minimal Viable Models) by taking your company data and performing the transformation, analysis to feed the machine with the right information to make a decision. Here are a few examples:

  1. Customer Churn – We built a Machine Learning Model on TensorFlow where the Machine predicts 92 times out of 100 whether the customer is going to buy again from you or not.
  2. Dynamic Customer Segmentation – We have a built a model where you tell how deep you want to segment (segregate) your data. The machine automatically segments the customers to the level you requested.
  3. Store Traffic Prediction – We built a custom model for a retailer to predict how many customers would enter their store on any given day. We are looking to extend the model to predict for retailers which product will sell faster based on Google trends.
  4. Demand and Sales Forecasting – Custom model for a manufacturer where we could predict future demand/sales based on past data + trends + qualitative data
  5. Diamonds in the rough – Identify customers who are going to give you the most business in the future.
  6.  Product recommendations – The machine learning model built can identify customers and their behavior of past purchases of products in realtime. Based on which we built behavior pipelines to train the model. Now it’s a Cloud ML model that can recommend products in realtime.


-Wed, Aug 22, 2018

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