Discover how ML/AI can transform your business. Learn about our services and AI solutions. Explore new ML training tools and business trends.

Customer Testimonials

Bridging Marketing to Supply Chain
ABinBev Preventative Maintenance
California Design Den Omnichannel Demand Forecasting

Our AI Solutions

Smart Factory Solutions – Built on the Google Cloud Platform
Smart Supply Chain Solutions – Built on the Google Cloud Platform
Factories of the Future | Industry 4.0
Demand ML: Demand Forecasting Solution on GCP
Optimization of Supply & Distribution using Machine Learning
ZettaData – Data Warehousing & Pipelines
Preventive Maintennace
Why Pluto7?

ML/AI Training and Awareness

Machine Learning for Manufacturing
Cisco GCP Day
Business Transformation using Machine Learning & AI
Machine Learning for Forecasting & Pricing
Data Warehousing tools
Google Next 2018: Predictive Maintenance ML
Machine Learning Business Use Cases
Cloud OnAir Enable Digital Transformation
BBC Report – Pluto7 Service ML


ETCIO – Pluto7
Business Transformation with ML/AI
ML for Forecasting and Pricing Webinar
AI/ML in Real Life Webinar
Predictive Maintenance & Preventative Monitoring
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