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Demand ML

Pluto7 has built proven pre-configured Demand Forecasting and Planning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning model(s) that works on Google Cloud Platform that helps improve the forecast accuracy of even hard to forecast products or offerings using traditional methods.

Typical inputs into these models are:

  • Demand history as well as current pipeline (could be orders, shipments)
  • Typical offering of interest to the market (i.e Product or Service SKU)
  • Demand Attributes (Customer Segments, Product Categories, etc)
  • Unstructured data representing customer sentiments related to product/offering
  • Desired forecast period
  • 3rd Party data

Output is a recommended Demand Forecast for the forecast period, Product segmentation, Customer Segmentation and Demand Insights.

Duration – 30 days of workshop followed by POC showcasing working model.