Google’s Machine Learning for your supply chain. Join our workshop.

Supply ML

Pluto7 has built proven pre-configured Supply Chain Planning and Management Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning model(s) that works on Google Cloud Platform that helps improve the various aspects of Supply Chain Management and Planning such as Supplier Selection Ranking, Route Selection and other elements.

Typical inputs into these models are:

  • Supply History and latest Supply Streams
  • Key Product or Service SKU or Component
  • Supply Attributes (Supplier Segments, Product Categories, Lead times, Risk Ratings etc)
  • Streaming data representing condition of supply chain nodes
  • Desired Supply Time Period and Capacity
  • Optimizing Characteristics (i.e Revenue, Service Levels and Costs)

Output is a recommended and ranked list of Supply options for the given set of input attributes.

Duration – 30 days of workshop followed by POC showcasing working model.